Control Panel

Catalog management

Unlimited number of categories and subcategories; unlimited category nesting

Advanced category management.

Category image

Define custom META tags for every category

Ability to activate and deactivate products and categories

Product groups and parameters

Product brands / manufacturers

Promoting: featured, new, recommended products

Product reviews and ratings

Search for categories or products

Product management

Navigate and manipulate products

Product Manager

Assign products to multiple categories

Unlimited number of product images

Unlimited product options

Product attributes and variants

Related items (with custom headers)

Integrated online HTML editor

Shipping Status

Import products

Export products to shopping search engines

Content management

Front Page / Welcome text

Custom header information

Custom pages

Integrated FAQ manager


Built-in newsletter module

Store Configurator

Customize a site with a company information

Change a general configuration (a variety of global website variables)


Destination zones

Shipping methods

Payment methods

Customer management

View and edit customer information

Manage users in the opt-in email list

Order management

View new orders and order history

Print invoices and packing slips

Delete orders if necessary

Generate sales reports for any month, year or date range

Sales Analysis & Statistics

Number of orders

Number of customers

Sales by product / best sellers

Customers by total purchases

Total sales


Selling configurable goods

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